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A service designed to provide carriers and self insurers improve operational performance and lower claim expense.

ClaimLink is a proven solution specifically built around the workflow needs of claim operation. Our deep understanding of claim operation has enable BiS to design a service that is rapidly deployable and easy to use.
1. Run your business with real time performance measurements
2. Create assignments and send assignments for real time delivery
3. Send assignment information to the appraiser’s estimating system
4. Mange the process from FNOL to Closure
5. Provides two way communication between adjuster and vendor
6. Upload estimates, supplements, digital photos, and report
7. Provide critical information needed for vendor management
8. Audit incoming estimates and bills against your rules and guidelines
9. Provide staff the tools to
           See all new work
          Monitor hat is out for an estimate
          Maintain dairies
          Communicate through notes which become part of the claim folder

ClaimLink gives you access to national appraisal companies. Currently, ClaimLink exchanges electronically with the following vendors.


Fleet Priority Services

We represent the first of its kind "Managed Repair Program" designed to assist you with the technical and administrative aspects of physical damage claims on heavy equipment. More specifically, once you make an assignment to our team, we will work to move the vehicle into the most appropriate collision center, using pertinent factors, including location, equipment and capability, type of damage as well as the preference of your vehicle owner. After the vehicle has been placed in a collision center, our team will work to authorize a fair repair cost and manage the entire process.