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Every day your firm deals with many issues from marketing your business to handling billing issues, to operational challenges, all the way down to the details, like scheduling appointments in a timely manner. For a business like yours, short cycle times and customer service are key factors in your success. ClaimMART can help you regain control of some of the most critical aspects of your business that will ultimately make you more successful, all with minimal cost considering the consequences.

Increase Opportunities to Provide Your Service

ClaimMART offers a service, which enables its members to become part of a database of appraisers and adjusters accessible by the very companies who require your services. This is a real marketing tool, not just your name in some book list sitting on a shelf collecting dust. It’s a minimal investment considering the potential business that is out there.

Control Rising Gas Expenses

ClaimMART can also help your firm with saving money by limiting the amount of time your appraisers spend on the road traveling to and from appointments. With the rising cost of gas in our country everyone needs to become more aware of where they are going and how they’re getting there. ClaimMART can help your appraisers better manage their day by creating the most effective route to get to and from scheduled appointments. Ultimately putting money back in your pocket rather than the gas pump.

Allow for More Appointments to Increase Profits

ClaimMART will help you increase your firm’s profits by better managing time. Consider how many more new customers your appraisers could visit during the workweek if they had a tool that generated the best possible way to get to appointments and the order in which to do so. Add up all those extra minutes spent zigzagging around town and you’ve just created enough time for more appointments in the calendar, therefore more money in your bank account.