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Every large insurance carrier constantly faces operational and financial issues surrounding claims processing. No company is immune to these very critical and impactful issues. One of the most common challenges you might be facing are getting the right appraiser out to customer appointments as quickly as possible and for the best cost. Or how about ensuring that your network of appraisers is adequate or that your staff of appraisers has all the tools they need to plan their daily routing and scheduling, which if planned effectively, will save your company money.
Did You Know
ClaimMART can help you regain control of these critical operations activities and ultimately IMPROVE CYCLE TIME, AND OPERATING COST If you want to find out how

ClaimMART can do all of these things for your company and its employees, click on the topics below to get more information and to sign up to become a member of this web-based service. ClaimMART’s Coverage Services application is a tool that allows insurance carriers to access a large network of appraisers in their coverage areas quickly and most importantly providing critical information to help make the best decision.

Access to More and Better Resources
Becoming a member of this service gives you access to a database of appraisers and adjusters that you may not have had before. It also allows you to add and invite your existing network of appraisers and adjusters to join ClaimMART so you can get a birds eye view of your current network and where there might be gaps in the coverage area. Your options are now more expansive and the information is available at your fingertips, ultimately saving you time and probably a lot of money, all the while choosing the right appraiser for the right job.

Up to Date and More Accurate Data on Available Appraisers and Adjusters
ClaimMART offers the most accurate and up to date data on available appraisers and adjusters in your coverage area. The system pulls the data from a member database based on the coverage area indicated. What you get is detailed information on all available appraisers and adjusters who work in that coverage area. What the service also provides is their rates, cycle times, and specific or unique geographic areas they cover, outside the standard zip code areas. By having the opportunity to compare appraisers based on this information, you can more accurately pin point the best person for the job.

Get a Better Handle on Your Coverage Areas
ClaimMART uses Microsoft’s Virtual Earth mapping application to give you a visual overview of the coverage area, showing which appraisers cover what portions of your coverage area and where appraisers may overlap within your coverage area.