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  The BiS Partner Programs enable you to improve your client performance and increase your revenue. Our program is design to grow your business by providing you SAAS solutions that help businesses improve their performance and grow their earnings. By partnering with BiS, YOU can be the one who delivers great solutions to the marketplace.  

An Outstanding Revenue Opportunity

Add BiS’s best-in-class on-demand business applications to your portfolio of solutions and dramatically increase the value of your business. On-demand software solutions are the fastest growing segment of the business applications market. Nearly one-third of businesses already use on-demand solutions, with Customer relationship management solutions among the fastest growing Software as a Service categories. Software as a Service (SaaS) represents a compelling business model change for traditional software resellers. Reselling and implementing traditional enterprise software has been a good business for many resellers over the years, but it doesn’t build an ongoing revenue stream. In contrast, SaaS solutions like BiS are sold on an ongoing subscription basis. This means that you can build a recurring, nearly 100% margin revenue stream that keeps growing as you add more clients Your company instantly becomes much more valuable. Since the valuation of any business is driven by future cash flows, SaaS resellers can build very high valuations as they develop larger and larger client bases. BiS’s Reseller program enables business software resellers to quickly start selling and implementing BiS OPCenter management solutions. Our program features a low cost of entry, with no required revenue minimums. Partners receive up to 40% of the monthly revenue on BiS subscriptions.

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