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The value of using SaaS?

 Web-based systems offer the following benefits for expanding businesses: Low upfront cost. The ‘pay as you go’ model affords entry-level access to all businesses, regardless of size. Rapid deployment. Companies can deploy a hosted system or individual features on demand, as needed. Scalability. Businesses ramp up their capacity as they grow, gradually incorporating advanced functionality. Application Availability. Users avoid the hassle of system maintenance and support--the vendor installs and upgrades the software and hardware as part of the SaaS business model. Security. Thanks to economies of scale, hosted service providers are able to offer the highest-level security available. Accessibility. A Web-based solution offers access anytime, anywhere, making it ideal for companies with a dispersed or mobile workforce.
  BiS SaaS Infrastructure BiS SAAS are hosted at Cybertrails. CyberTrails is SAS 70 Type II Audited. This means that Cybertrails adherence to rigorous, industry-accepted auditing standards for service companies. Their state-of-the-art data center ensures information is housed in the safest, most secure environment possible.

Their redundant firewall hardware and software provides two firewalls linked in a fail-over architecture for maximum security. And they monitor the firewall's status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to make sure there are no breaches. (Monitoring and configuration managed by on-staff CCNA and CCIE certified professionals.)